Welcome to the world of Vale

The world of Vale… named for its inner power source, an entity that has only made itself known through its impact on the world. Scientists have deduced that it lies at the center of the planet, and the intensity of its light fades cyclically, giving rise to night and day. There is no sun in this sky, only far off stars and other planets. In fact, this whole planet seems to simply float in space, an entity of its own. For centuries, science has been trying to unravel the mysteries of this world, finding new ways to harness its internal power.

Through this research, many great feats have been accomplished, in recent years especially, as the world undergoes an industrial revolution. New technologies emerge every day, thanks to one breakthrough technology known as a “Vale Caller,” VC for short. This compact item can take on many forms, depending on its manufacturer and intended use. It takes the place of a battery, in most cases, and simply requires a small air vent to take in the Vale energy emitted from this planet. (Most of these devices are just steampunk versions of “normal” technologies).

The players have been normal people, to their knowledge, for their whole lives. Recently, some strange psychic energy brought them together under the roof of the mysterious Acaria and her attendant Vere. Struck by a sense of odd familiarity with these people, our heroes have found themselves caught up in the affairs of their kingdom as they attempt to uncover the true intentions of the terrorist group Antivale.


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