Second Session

GM should get better at combat

Quick summary (to be updated):

Figured out power source of the hover boots and energy gun.

Got beat up by a guy with regenerative powers, who later turned out to be a guy named Alistair Baxter, mayor of Clayde.

He told the players to check up on their history, so they did, at the University library. They found a book there called The Accord, which is the oldest book in the world, at 262 years. It told about the creation of the kingdom, and at the back, listed 34 names, including all the players, Acaria, Vere, Valencio, Jonathan, and Alistair.

Other history books weren’t nearly as old, but told tales which supposedly took place prior to those events. One such story told of a man wrestling a whale, and another, Siddhartha-like tale, except the guy waits 500 years under the tree for true love.

The players then checked up on Vere, to see if she had any info, but she flipped out on them, and Acaria mentally communicated that she was in trouble! One deft rescue later, Acaria joined the party!

Davros made a power suit, then everyone went to Clayde to find out what the deal with Alistair is.



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