Second Session
GM should get better at combat

Quick summary (to be updated):

Figured out power source of the hover boots and energy gun.

Got beat up by a guy with regenerative powers, who later turned out to be a guy named Alistair Baxter, mayor of Clayde.

He told the players to check up on their history, so they did, at the University library. They found a book there called The Accord, which is the oldest book in the world, at 262 years. It told about the creation of the kingdom, and at the back, listed 34 names, including all the players, Acaria, Vere, Valencio, Jonathan, and Alistair.

Other history books weren’t nearly as old, but told tales which supposedly took place prior to those events. One such story told of a man wrestling a whale, and another, Siddhartha-like tale, except the guy waits 500 years under the tree for true love.

The players then checked up on Vere, to see if she had any info, but she flipped out on them, and Acaria mentally communicated that she was in trouble! One deft rescue later, Acaria joined the party!

Davros made a power suit, then everyone went to Clayde to find out what the deal with Alistair is.

First Session: Why the hell are we walking this way?

Everyone’s all going about their daily lives in the area of the University of Vale’s campus, when SUDDENLY, AN EXPLOSION!

It’s a dude, firing at [[:Nathaniel Stringer]], programmer extraordinaire! His whole place of business is ruined! This giant douche with some hover boots and an energy cannon chases after a fleeing Nathaniel, until he notices one mysterious fellow walking against the fleeing crowds. He seems to panic, and flies away!

Then, every one of the players, who had noticed the commotion, feels a sudden urge to walk in a particular direction away from the campus. Upon “arriving” at the destination they felt compelled toward, a mysterious, confused voice yells out at them over the intercom of this apartment building.

The players were welcomed inside, and ended up in the apartment occupied by Acaria and her attendant, Vere Ina.

Vere explained to the party that Acaria had influenced their minds to end up at that destination, because she had been troubled by recent news. This terrorist group known as the Antivale was doing all sorts of crazy shit, and something had to be done! Once Vere revealed to the party that they had some pretty unusual abilities, the party was off to investigate the terrorists!

After realizing they really had no idea where to look within the area Vere steered them toward, they were confronted by a young man identifying himself as Jonathan Herring. He was all “Holy crap, it’s you guys!” and they were all “Huh, who are you!” As confused as Jonathan typically is, he then decided it would be a good idea to ask some friends what to do with these people he seemed to know. He then led them straight to the Antivale headquarters, where he was greeted with some anger, and the players just got more confused. Shouting ensued, and everyone ended up running away until that dick with the hoverboots showed his face again.

A short round of combat later, the party came into possession of some neat boots, and a neat energy gun! In order to avoid rousing the suspicion of any random onlookers, they decided to head to a more private location, Content Not Found: Davros-Lancasters’ lab. Taking their newfound bunny on the train back to the university, they got to the tech guy’s lab, and looked at the bunny!

Turns out, these bunnies are made from a rather unusual, rare metal, that doesn’t often exist in the world of Vale. They’re also powered by something other than Vale Callers, making them crazy! Davros seems to be oddly familiar with the structure of these devices, as though he himself could have built them.

Jonathan, being the dick that he is, decides to call someone for advice on what to do. Davros cleverly starts recording the conversation he has on the phone, but that really doesn’t help, because Jonathan is finished by the time the recording starts. Shortly thereafter, Jonathan tells the players, “Your world isn’t real,” then disappears into thin air.

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