Vale general info

Physical Setting
-always twilight
-night and day formed by the cycle of Vale’s energy, no time zone differences
-glowing ground
-glowing plants
-no sun
-nights are nearly pitch black apart from the city

-handheld things dont work as well at night, since they work off limited reserves of Vale, but most buildings and such are on a power grid powered by a plant that has a more direct connection to the Vale. A device can be charged at an outlet in about 20 minutes.
-powered by “Vale Callers,” which are devices that draw power directly from the Vale.
-no fossil fuels (no fossil record, either)
-trains, planes, automobiles, fit a 20s-30s aesthetic, with a bit more flair for coolness.
-planes can’t fly terribly high before losing power, as the further you are from the planet, the less power is able to be collected.
-space travel exists, but lacks the ability to get far off world. Rockets are powered by giant reserves of Vale energy
-normal physics and normal chemical properties apply
-Vale Callers have been getting more efficient and smaller over the years, allowing for handheld devices and the like.
-aside from the different power source, inner workings of these technologies are very similar to real world

Political Climate
-global monarchy
-king: Valencio (the eighth); queen: some girl whose name I haven’t made yet
-world is divided into provinces which report separately to the crown.
-candidates for governor are first selected by the king, then among 2-4 candidates, the people vote.
-The first Valencio brought about the first industrial revolution, as he invested time and money into the research of the Vale as an energy source.
-The Antivale are a terrorist organization which has caused millions of dollars of property damage on top of taking countless human lives in the name of their goals. Various installments have been raided over the years, but they still remain active.

City (Valencia City)
-players live in the capital, also home to the Valencian Palace.
-Huge city, urban sprawl extends beyond the scale of New York, though the densely populated areas are a little smaller than the size of Manhattan.
-elevated train network connects all parts of the inner city and extends well out into the outer city
-most buildings are extremely tall
-city has airport, seaport, various train central stations, and a river runs through its center
-buildings have a generally rustic feel, if the style were forced to adapt to the scale of a modern city.

-capital city lies in the province of Valencia, which includes one other major city, Clayde.
-Clayde is upriver from Valencia City
-river name: Rozan
-there’s obviously a whole world outside of this area, but government matters are all dealt with within this province.

Vale general info

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